Vitamin D: Part of Your Winter Health Plan

Vitamin D: Part of Your Winter Health Plan

d3 dropsWe already know that botanicals such as olive leaf and echinacea are effective at treating common winter ailments. But did you know that Vitamin D also plays an important role in healthy immune function, and can work to help support these commonly prescribed immune herbs?

Many studies show a strong link between inadequate vitamin D levels and impaired immunity. One recent study found that people who are vitamin D deficient were 55% more likely to have had an upper respiratory tract infection than those whose levels were adequate.

Vitamin D is also known as the sunlight vitamin, with 80% of our intake coming from exposure to UV rays through the skin. During winter, decreased sun exposure is common due to colder weather and decreased sunlight hours. With only 20% of our Vitamin D typically coming from our diets, using a Vitamin D supplement throughout winter is a great way to prevent and treat respiratory infections and common colds.

So to keep yourself healthy this winter, at Eat Me Nutrition we recommend Bioceuticals D3 Drops to keep your immune system fighting fit:

  • BioCeuticals D3 oral liquid drops. The liquid formulation makes getting your daily vitamin D more convenient and easier to remember than tablets.
  • An immune-boosting combination of herbs and nutrients to fight off mild upper respiratory infections and the common cold.
  • Adequate hours of restful sleep, in combination with regular exercise and lots of nutrient rich fresh fruits and vegetables

For more information on how to keep yourself healthy this winter, tips on eating and exercising right during the cooler months, or to purchase the BioCeuticals D3 oral liquid drops, give the team at Eat Me Nutrition a call!

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